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New construction

Installing a new construction window will require the necessary tools and an assistant. It is very hard to hold a window and level the window yourself. Installing a window is not tricky, but does require some skill. Having an assistant while you install a new construction window also will provide an extra safety factor. Be sure to install your window when the weather permits; do not try to install a new window when it is raining because the glass can become slippery.

We promise to make choosing windows simple and exciting! We'll explain and show you all the new window technologies that will help save on your home's heating and cooling costs while adding character and drama to the rooms. At Curtis, we carry full lines of solid wood, vinyl, clad and aluminum windows in styles, shapes and sizes to fit any purpose and every personality. From natural wood interiors, low-maintenance exteriors and a host of elegant options, it's no wonder homeowners, builders and remodelers choose and trust Curtis Lumber for window replacement and new construction.