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Drain cleaning

Drain clean-out plugs allow plumbers access to a drain with a snake or auger. The plugs are available in two basic styles: old and new. Old-style drain clean-out plugs are a solid piece with thread on one side. The new drain clean-out plugs consist of two plates with a rubber washer in between them and a wing nut that runs through the center of the plates.

Installing a cleanout plug in a drain allows a plumber to access the drain with a snake or auger tool. This project is not as complicated as it may first sound. Older style drain plugs consist of a solid piece attached to a chain and are still found on older style plumbing systems. However, the vast majority of drains in newer homes are designed to be fitted with the newer variety of cleanout plugs. Newer style plugs consist of a rubber washer in between two plates, with a wing nut in between.